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Tusshar Kapoor and Seinfeld – What’s the connection??

16 May

So, everyone is talking about  Tusshar Kapoor’s picture in the Bombay Times today. This somehow reminds me of  two Seinfeld episodes called ‘The Package’ and ‘The Doorman’.

The Package

In this episode, George discovers the woman at the photo store is looking at his pictures. He thinks that the photo store clerk has stuck a revealing picture of herself within his pictures, when, in actuality, it was a lingerie model’s picture that accidentally got mixed in. Kramer convinces George to return the “compliment” by sending seductive pictures of George to the photo store woman, and offers to take the photos. He says, “George, it’s the timeless art of seduction. You gotta join in the dance. She sends you an enticing photo, you send her one right back.”

The Doorman

Anyways, looking at Tusshar Kapoor’s chest [Actually Moobs is the right word :-P] it reminds me of another Seinfeld episode called ‘The Doorman’ where Kramer designs a prototype for men with breasts and gifts it to Frank Costanza [George’s Dad]. Kramer and Frank think on going into the bra business with Sid Farkus. Kramer likes to call his invention “the Bro”, although Frank prefers “the Manssiere”.

So, it looks like Tusshar Kapoor can hit an endorsement deal with Kramerica Industries! The question is what should we call it, The BRO or The Manssiere??

Facebook Ads: Character Limit Reduced to 90

4 May

From the 1st of May Facebook has enforced a new character limit for writing your ad copy. The new character limit will be 90 which previously was 135. I was unaware of this fact till I went on to experiment something on the ad page. I was trying to write a copy with Twitter as my reference for character count (It may sound silly but I find this easy) . I was wondering as to why Facebook is  not accepting the copy with 135 characters. My eyes quickly rolled over to the 90 character limit.  Surprisingly not many people have written about it. But anyways here it is from now on Facebook’s new ad copy limit will be 90 characters.  The title character limit remains the same, which is 25.

If I may speculate this is a move by Facebook to fit in more number of ads on page as advertising on Facebook seems to be increasing at a rapid pace. From now on agencies and copywriters may have to change their Facebook ad strategy and keep the copies as short as possible but the demand for creativity has only  increased.  Happy Advertising!

Get your a*s up here!

3 May

Well, I won’t do much of writing here. This brilliant outdoor ad speaks for itself. Came across this image on Pulp Strategy‘s Facebook page. Fantastic!

Adams Outdoor Advertising
Image Courtesy: Pulp Strategy

Cheesy TOI Headline: Obama Vs Romney

3 May

Its Obama Vs Mitt Romney in the U.S.A! So, this morning while I was on Twitter I stumbled upon this news link which said ‘Obama’s campaign to spend $780,000 on ‘anti-India ad‘. Now when you read the words ‘anti-India‘ you make sure you read it. And reading becomes almost mandatory when the article involves America in it. It creates a sense of panic as someone is against my country.

Obama Vs Romney
Image Courtesy: Politico.com

Its the presendential election and these things are a vital part of their campaign. Obama is just talking about providing employment to his countrymen. Is he wrong? Now if I was an American I would not like my country to outsource jobs to other countries, think about it, would you? I would not elect a candidate who has caused unemployment in my state for his own personal benefit. Isn’t it pretty normal if you talk about providing employment to your countrymen and blaming the opposition for lack of jobs during their terms? Obama has accused Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs to countries like Mexico, China and India when he was the Massachusetts Governor. Blame game is a second name of politics, isn’t it? And Americans have been raising the same issue all this while, but has anything substantial happened so far? Have they completely stopped outsourcing jobs? They can’t and they won’t. We all know the reasons very well.

TOI , what was anti-India about this? Isn’t it their right get jobs? And is it solely Anti-India?  Sadly, this is what journalism has become. The headline seemed to tell a different story altogether. I have lived in Mumbai for over 24 years and I know when the locals don’t get a job out here, the political parties have made a big fuss out of it. Coming back to the article, this is a country we are talking about and its their bloody RIGHT to get a job in their country. So its fair by all means, isn’t it?

Babumoshai…Kya Ad Hai Re!

3 May

What an ad…Babumoshai! Rajesh Khanna is back on TV with the new Havells commercial. Seeing him on TV after ages felt really really good. Rajesh Khanna had a crazy fan following back then. His females fans, my dad says, would marry his photographs. This factor has been effectively used in the TVC. He is one of the very few actors who have a fan following from all the three generations. Lowe Lintas is the agency behind this and its directed by R.Balki. A very surprising move by Havells in terms of the tone of the ad as opposed to their funny but intelligent ‘Shock Laga’ campaign. But the surprise seems to be working for them. Who better than Rajesh Khanna, he was bollywood’s first superstar. It’s his first TVC and I am sure it will do wonders for Havells as they have succesfully integrated their fans with  Rajesh Khanna’s fans! 😛  Thank you Havells for bringing’ Kaka’ back on screen! Arey, Thank you re!


And here is the making of this lovely ad. Enjoy re!


EK SMS Uses Nana Patekar In Its Facebook Ad

2 May

Yesterday it was Yebhi.com, today its EkSMS. You can read that post here. Unethical means of running ads still continues on Facebook. As I was browsing I came across this bizzarre ad which had a picture of Nana Patekar. Now, I am a huge huge fan of Nana Patekar. I have great amount of respect for him as he is one of the most geniune actors Indian cinema is ever produced.

EK SMS - Facebook AD - Nana Patekar

The headline of this ad is Ek SMS drink specials. Now why is EK SMS associating Nana Patekar with drink specials?? What message are they trying to send? Do they think Nana Patekar is an Alcoholic? Is Nana endorsing them? This is quite similar to the Yebhi episode. I don’t understand why people are using unfair means to grab attention!

What is EK Sms?

EK SMS doesnot have a Facebook page this ad redirects to their website, though they are present on Twitter. There are fairer and ethical means of grabbing attention. Anyone using images of celebrities for business purposes without their consent should be penalized. This is totally unethical. As a Nana Patekar fan it really hurts me! 😦