Cheesy TOI Headline: Obama Vs Romney

3 May

Its Obama Vs Mitt Romney in the U.S.A! So, this morning while I was on Twitter I stumbled upon this news link which said ‘Obama’s campaign to spend $780,000 on ‘anti-India ad‘. Now when you read the words ‘anti-India‘ you make sure you read it. And reading becomes almost mandatory when the article involves America in it. It creates a sense of panic as someone is against my country.

Obama Vs Romney
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Its the presendential election and these things are a vital part of their campaign. Obama is just talking about providing employment to his countrymen. Is he wrong? Now if I was an American I would not like my country to outsource jobs to other countries, think about it, would you? I would not elect a candidate who has caused unemployment in my state for his own personal benefit. Isn’t it pretty normal if you talk about providing employment to your countrymen and blaming the opposition for lack of jobs during their terms? Obama has accused Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs to countries like Mexico, China and India when he was the Massachusetts Governor. Blame game is a second name of politics, isn’t it? And Americans have been raising the same issue all this while, but has anything substantial happened so far? Have they completely stopped outsourcing jobs? They can’t and they won’t. We all know the reasons very well.

TOI , what was anti-India about this? Isn’t it their right get jobs? And is it solely Anti-India?  Sadly, this is what journalism has become. The headline seemed to tell a different story altogether. I have lived in Mumbai for over 24 years and I know when the locals don’t get a job out here, the political parties have made a big fuss out of it. Coming back to the article, this is a country we are talking about and its their bloody RIGHT to get a job in their country. So its fair by all means, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “Cheesy TOI Headline: Obama Vs Romney”

  1. Nakia Fredricksen May 9, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    You are a very capable individual!

  2. drnextyear October 1, 2012 at 7:08 am #

    Do you realize that the reason jobs are outsourced to India is because people in the USA aren’t willing to work at a *competitive* rate of pay. For instance, I work in the US now and although my stipend is about $20 an hour, I used to get paid way less when I worked in India for a major software firm (~$7 A DAY which taking into inflation and blowing this amount out of proportions probably looks like $15 a DAY now).

    So… his anti India sentiment is rather unfortunate. I, for one, would always want Obama to succeed and win the elections if only it weren’t for such discriminatory ads.

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