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Tech Slaves – I Hate You!

13 Nov

I proudly belong to a generation which saw the greatest of all innovations. Some innovations have been life saving while the others were just made to keep the money rolling in the bank accounts of the innovator/company. They actually don’t serve any purpose and  not many would agree with me on this. An iPhone or for that matter the iPad I think are innovations which we could have probably done without. Apple is probably one of the few companies which managed to do stupendously well without a brand ambassador. Their products spoke for themselves. They made products which had the promise to lure any human on the planet.

Growing up was fun. Friends, classmates were kinda fun to be around. Then the worst thing happened. We grew up! While growing up there were key innovations which aimed at making communication easy. Mobile phone was one of them. At the same time the we saw the IT industry boom and the Internet was the next best thing.

The cellphone was certainly one of the greatest innovations. The cellphone has evolved over the years and profoundly its current generation/avatar is called a smartphone. There’s hardly anything that you cannot do with your cellphones today. Then you have the Social Networking era that is ever evolving with newer products and features every day.

The basic feature of these products/innovations was to help you communicate with your friends, colleagues, family etc. The meaning with which these products were created were to boost communication. But the question is, do we actually communicate? Do we like to communicate? Do we care to communicate? No we don’t!

I still remember the days when communication was difficult. Long distance calls were expensive and the mail would take forever to reach you. But in-spite of all this we kept in touch somehow. I know someone who is supposedly my friend on Facebook but then he ceases to say hello when I run in to him on the street. I meet an old school buddy recently and he was submerged into his smart ass iPhone as if there was nothing better in this world to do. Their material electronic possessions are of more importance to them than their old friends. Its as if  the phone, the tablet and the application is their life support system. They cant live without it. They have become slaves. Its Human to love material things. As Guy Kawasaki said “If you make meaning you will certainly make money”. I think apple products never made any meaning. Except for the iPod and the Macintosh OS everything else was only Good Looking and a Status defining possession.

In a  smart phone today “Calling” isn’t an  important feature  but everything else is. In some cases what I have seen is the whole phone works great but when it comes to calling its a failure.The recent iPhone 4S reception issues is one of the biggest examples. Call drops, Network issues etc. The emphasis of a phone design is never on providing better calling facilities. The phones companies have forgotten it. And why not forget it? Who calls anyways? When our apps work fine why do we need to make calls? We never buy a phone to make calls. Making and receiving calls has become secondary. Angry birds is more important than talking to a friend who is standing besides you. Siri is another thing to toy around with, but I guess Siri has or will have a problem understanding the Indian accent.

These devices, applications, websites were solely made to boost the communication aspect amongst the people. What we have become is lazy asses who completely depend on these dumb devices. Dump these devices and get real fellas! Stop living in the virtual world!