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Google+: Revamped But Still Passive

1 May

So, finally Google+ has revamped its look and feel, focusing more on the visibilty factor. They have made approximately 8 changes this time but the one that I like the most is the profile picture and cover photo feature which is quite similar to Facebook. I am not going to delve into other changes as they still don’t quite make the cut! Google+ still comes across as a very passive community when it comes to the Indian social media markets. Google+ has the second largest user base in India. Google+ has achieved this figure because of a higher number of Gmail users in India. If you have a Gmail Id you kinda automatically get a Google+ account.

Here’s more on the change that I am going to emphasize. Now you can either go with one cover photo or 5 header images or scrapbook photos. I like the cover photo better. The profile picture is also nice and big. Here are the dimensions.

Cover Photo :940 pixels X 180 pixels.

Profile picture: 250 pixels X 250 pixels.

5 Header Images: 110 X 110 pixels each.

Here’s how you change it:

1. Click on Profile tab on the left hand side and then click on ‘Edit Profile’.

2. Hover your mouse over to the existing header images and click on it. You will get 2 options.

Option 1 is a cover photo

Option 2 is to insert 5 header images.

3. Insert your images and you are all set.

Here’s how Toyota has used a cover photo on the Google+ page.

Toyota Google+ Page

And The Avengers have decided to go with their 5 superheroes in the form of header images.

The Avengers on Google+

While all this is happening I don’t understand why Google+ tried doing something very similar to Facebook. Has Google+ failed socially?

Google+ Pages = Love At First Sight!

9 Nov

Its Google+ Baby! On Monday morning Google+ Opened its Doors for a new feature that was awaited by many users. I for one was certainly one of them. Monday mornings are dull and boring. Adjectives aren’t enough to describe a lifeless Monday morning. But as soon as i heard the news of Google+ launching the Page feature the dull Monday morning turned into an exciting and full of life day. Perhaps, this was the only feature that was holding Google+ back because of its absence. This feature as of now has become a USP for Facebook. Better Late than Never its finally here.Businesses, Brands, Celebrities, Artists/Bands will finally be able to connect with audience through Google+ Pages.

I immediately logged into my Google+ account to check out the pages. The first page I saw was “The Muppets” and, lo and behold, I was simply amazed. The Page was Perfect. I mean it looked beautiful. Nice large picture icons with subtle white background and cool button had done the trick. “Wow!” is the first word I said as far as I remember. I think i had overdose of the “Blue” Facebook (Ha ha!). White is Lovely I Said!

Comparing always helps and it always has been helpful in sorting things out. So I compared the two and I came up with this Illustration.

Create a Page on Google+

It allows you to create pages for the following categories

  • Local Business or Place;
  • Product or Brand;
  • Company, Institution, or Organization;
  • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports; and
  • Other.

Features That Stand Out

“The +1 Power” 

The Biggest advantage of having a page for any Business or a Brand on Google+ is its “+1” feature. The “+1” power is going to add to the relevancy algorithm of a keyword on Google Search. Its basically giving you a feature to do SEO also. The greater the number of “+1″s the higher the Ranking on Google Search.


Circles allow you to divide large groups into smaller groups. These groups can represent a particular set of audience. Specific messages can be sent to specific groups. Facebook doesn’t allow this.

Direct Connect

If a product/brand has a Google+ page. The page can be found by simply adding “+” before the product/brand on Google search.


Chat with your users face to face using hangouts.  You can use Hangouts to hold live forums, break news or simply get to know people better.

And lastly speaking of numbers, USA is on Top when it comes to Google+ Users taking 36% share of users with over 2 million users. The Second spot is taken by “Mera Des” (My India) with 13% share with over 8 lakh users and counting. This is a huge advantage for the Indian E commerce market as it will get another medium to communicate with customers and fans.

I Certainly Think Google+ is the next big thing to reckon with. In Google we Trust. A lot of new pages have been added on Google+ following the announcement on Monday.My favorites are “The Muppets”, “Macy’s” and “Angry Birds”. Only Indian brand that I noticed on Google+ was “Axe Angels Club”. It will soon become a strong medium over a period of time. Google+ comes with the intellect of Google geniuses and Advertising advantages it always had.

Google+ is Here to Stay!