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Babumoshai…Kya Ad Hai Re!

3 May

What an ad…Babumoshai! Rajesh Khanna is back on TV with the new Havells commercial. Seeing him on TV after ages felt really really good. Rajesh Khanna had a crazy fan following back then. His females fans, my dad says, would marry his photographs. This factor has been effectively used in the TVC. He is one of the very few actors who have a fan following from all the three generations. Lowe Lintas is the agency behind this and its directed by R.Balki. A very surprising move by Havells in terms of the tone of the ad as opposed to their funny but intelligent ‘Shock Laga’ campaign. But the surprise seems to be working for them. Who better than Rajesh Khanna, he was bollywood’s first superstar. It’s his first TVC and I am sure it will do wonders for Havells as they have succesfully integrated their fans with  Rajesh Khanna’s fans! 😛  Thank you Havells for bringing’ Kaka’ back on screen! Arey, Thank you re!


And here is the making of this lovely ad. Enjoy re!


Vodafone – Internet is fun! Thanks for reminding!

30 Apr

Vodafone ads always came across as subtle, intelligent, funny and even cute on quite a few ocasions. After a brilliant ZooZoo campaign they had set the bar really high. ZooZoo was certainly one of the best ad campaigns ever in the history of Inidan advertising. So when you set expectations so high you need to come out with something spectacular. But when I saw the new TVCs I was hugely dissappointed. These commercials are boring and make no sense whatsoever when compared to their previous campaign.

At least these are better than the Idea commercials. These commercials are around faster internet services, music and games etc. Would have did them no harm if they continued with the ZooZoos. Nevertheless they are definitely not the worst but certainly below average! Hope to see something fresh from them soon!

What a bad idea Sirji!

30 Apr

Good that most of the breaks during IPL are shorter. A lot of new TV commercials are being flooded during this season and most irritating of all hands down is the Idea TVC. Idea, if heaven is what it looks like in your TVC’s I prefer taking the highway to hell! On a serious note the TVC is weak both conceptually and in terms of execution. It lacks intelligence. This is an old Idea..hope you get a new and interesting idea soon!