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Tusshar Kapoor and Seinfeld – What’s the connection??

16 May

So, everyone is talking about  Tusshar Kapoor’s picture in the Bombay Times today. This somehow reminds me of  two Seinfeld episodes called ‘The Package’ and ‘The Doorman’.

The Package

In this episode, George discovers the woman at the photo store is looking at his pictures. He thinks that the photo store clerk has stuck a revealing picture of herself within his pictures, when, in actuality, it was a lingerie model’s picture that accidentally got mixed in. Kramer convinces George to return the “compliment” by sending seductive pictures of George to the photo store woman, and offers to take the photos. He says, “George, it’s the timeless art of seduction. You gotta join in the dance. She sends you an enticing photo, you send her one right back.”

The Doorman

Anyways, looking at Tusshar Kapoor’s chest [Actually Moobs is the right word :-P] it reminds me of another Seinfeld episode called ‘The Doorman’ where Kramer designs a prototype for men with breasts and gifts it to Frank Costanza [George’s Dad]. Kramer and Frank think on going into the bra business with Sid Farkus. Kramer likes to call his invention “the Bro”, although Frank prefers “the Manssiere”.

So, it looks like Tusshar Kapoor can hit an endorsement deal with Kramerica Industries! The question is what should we call it, The BRO or The Manssiere??